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Data is the 4th Utility…

We believe that, just like gas, electricity and water, a reliable network with consistent WiFi coverage is an essential part of any residence or new-build specification.

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We provide a wide range of services including network consultation, installation, configuration and support packages for homeowners, developers, self-builders and integrators to help make ubiquitous data connectivity, by-design, standard industry practice.

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4G Broadband for Rural Locations

The Cheshire Countryside is a beautiful place to live, but in many cases fibre broadband hasn't reached us yet. Speeds over exisiting copper infrastucture often can't cope with simple web browsing, let alone media streaming and multiple Zoom calls. We install and support the latest 4G equipment to bring affordable, fast and stable broadband as either a main service or a fallback for existing lines. We run on 4G. It can be a great solution. Contact us for more information.

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Home Network Packages

Often, the equipment supplied with your broadband contract won't get the signal to where it's needed, at least not reliably. We can consult and advise on potential hardware solutions, utilising the most cost-effective professional-grade equipment including DrayTek, EnGenius, Cisco, MikroTik and more…

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WiFi Troubleshooting and Optimisation

Many homes have trouble with WiFi deadspots and struggle with inconsitent connection. The issue could be caused by anything from radio frequency interference to simple Internet Service Provider (e.g. BT, Sky etc.) router placement. We can advise on, and implement, the most effective way to address the problem.

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Work from Home

More of us than ever before are working from home, either in a converted office room or dedicated outside unit. We can assist with maximising network availability by enhancing and configuring wired or wireless links to your preferred work space.

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New-Build, Developer and Retrofit Packages

We tailor dedicated packages for individual dwellings or multiple units to developer specification. We can supply anything from whole-home connectivity (Home Core) to control system infrastructure (Smart Ready) packages, ready to support fully adapted smart home implementations. Each package can be configured to suit, but we'll take you through the variables and guide you toward the optimal solution for your business and clients.

Control4 Integrator Support

The lifeblood of a smart home is the network. We are certified Control4 integrators so we understand how networks underpin and interact with smart technology. In support of authorised Control4 Dealers we design, configure and maintain networks for home automation and smart systems to enable controlled lighting, comfort, AV, security and more. Contact us for more information.